Hear from motivational keynote speakers about creating success that endures the test of time, digital marketing trends, and achieving work life balance! 


Alison is about living well and taking responsibility for your life on every level, emotionally and physically. In 2017, Alison obtained a dual designation as a Certified Executive Coach and a Certified Life Coach from Symbiosis Coaching and topped off her education by getting certified in Leadership Coaching from Harvard University. She encourages people to think out of the box, step out of their comfort zone and take risks, live in the moment, and face their limitations and challenges… and live life to the fullest. 

DAVID A. WEST - Digital Marketing Guru

There isn’t any business or industry that can afford to ignore the Internet anymore, and David teaches audiences how to understand and compete in the areas that matter most. Take your online presence and online reputation to the next level! 

Tim Borys - BA Psych, CSCS, MES, HLC.

Let’s face it, life is BUSY, and just getting more hectic by the day. Get ready for an insightful, entertaining, and transformative journey to find the mythical creature we call “life balance”. Tim created his 4 Pillars Philosophy of Personal Performance to help people take ownership of their personal success, contribute their best work to society, and live a long, vibrant, and fulfilling life! Tim has been speaking, presenting, and consulting for over 15 years, to organizations across North America.